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Rules of the Road(runner)

Chuck Jones' rules for the Road Runner and Coyote

Chuck Jones’ rules for the Road Runner and Coyote

Great little piece about creating a firm foundation that is also open to growth HERE.

Via @AmosPosner

The Future of the News Business: Marc Andreessen

I don’t agree with all of this, but there’s a lot to think about. A couple statements made the gears in my head grind in a different way, which is a good thing.

Read it HERE.

Movie Mondays: Chronemics

Visually and spatially very clever:

Chronemics from Animade on Vimeo.

Reminds me of Spy vs Spy in a playful way. But I can’t help wonder if this tension – everything being a battle – isn’t a projected, human trait?

I hope that on higher levels, there is balance between “others” – not always conflict.

Movie Mondays: We Go Forward

Wow. It is all about the story. I mean, style is a huge vehicle to move it forward, but wow. Story and metaphor.
This is amazing.

Movie Mondays: Seagull Skytrails from Parker Paul

I LOVE this:

Seagull Skytrails from Parker Paul on Vimeo.

So many ideas come to mind. Perspectives on time and space and imperceptible trails we leave behind…

Every Frame a Painting – The Bad Sleep Well

This is an amazing lesson in framing and composition. Hitchcock’s quote is classic but never gets old.

The Bad Sleep Well (1960) – The Geometry of a Scene from Tony Zhou on Vimeo.

John Lee Hooker, live 1970

This is amazing.

Vemödalen: The Fear That Everything Has Already Been Done – Movie Monday

I love the idea of this.

The golden ratio’s beautiful new curve – The Harriss Spiral

The Harriss Spiral

I do love that math can be used as a tool, a language and in visual manners. Pretty interesting how someone can look at a pattern or set of parameters that has been known for centuries and find something new…

Even if you aren’t a Math person, THIS ARTICLE is visually strong and well worth looking through.

The Scale of the Ocean

A crab with a 12-foot leg span? New nightmares… Not sure the human is to scale, overall an amazing chart. Cool to have a reference.

Marine Myths Measured - National Gegraphic Infographic

Full article HERE.