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Movie Mondays: Eggplant

Eggplant from Yangzi She on Vimeo.

Some fascinating ideas in here. What if your every instinct was opposite of what is expected? What do we really say when we communicate? Who decides when a gesture is appropriate?

Movie Mondays: Things That Can Kill You – Death Spray Custom

Things That Can Kill You – Death Spray Custom from Dial M Films on Vimeo.

“You gotta have the Hate that goes along with the Love.”

Every Frame a Painting: Buster Keaton

Buster Keaton – The Art of the Gag from Tony Zhou on Vimeo.

Every frame a painting is a brilliant series. About time they profiled the most brilliant filmmaker ever (in my humble opinion.)

Movie Mondays: WAVEFORM

A little too trippy for my tastes, but undeniable flow and vision to make this happen.

WAVEFORM from O'Neill on Vimeo.

Movie Mondays: Sounds of Surroundings (the Wikisinger)

Wow. This is amazing.
As a photographer, I get super exited when I’m in environments of interesting lighting. I’ve often have wondered if people of different professions/passions are always judging/taking in micro-aspects of places they are in: are Foresters always seeing what types of wood are in the buildings and furniture around them? Do Dentists sneak peeks at strangers’ teeth? This is a great representation of what curiosity of differences made manifest with sound and singer. Strikingly well done. Beautiful.

the Wikisinger from Touché Videoproduktion on Vimeo.

This guy sings the same song in 15 different places. Hear what happens!
No artificial reverb added.

The Wikisinger sings the same song in different environments experimenting with natural reverb, early reflections and short delays.

One of the scenes is recorded in an anechoic chamber without any sound reflections.


Directed by Vincent Rouffiac
Produced by TOUCHÉ Videoproduktion

Composed, written and performed by Joachim Müllner

In association with:
Les Gens Du Son –
Studio Davout –

Image : Vincent Rouffiac, Gérald Massoubre
Sound recording : Jean-Philippe Gréau, Matthieu Lechartier
Choreography : Georgia Ives

Movie Monday: Breath Again

Well this is disturbing and odd. Thoughtful? Maybe. Interesting? I’d say so.

Background about the project HERE.

Dan Deacon “When I Was Done Dying” (DDWIWDD)

Dan Deacon "When I Was Done Dying" (DDWIWDD) for Off The Air on Adult Swim from dave hughes on Vimeo.

This nuts. Super well done.

From HERE:

Tapping nine unique and talented animators (whose work had all appeared previously on the show) to create a beautiful and seamless journey through the afterlife to the great song “When I Was Done Dying” by Dan Deacon.

Short interviews with Dan and the animators can be found here:

And please check out other episodes of Off The Air here:
Or stream it here:

Animators in order of appearance:
Jake Fried, Chad Vangaalen, Dimitri Stankowicz, Colin White, Taras Hrabowsky, Anthony Schepperd, Masanobu Hiraoka, Caleb Wood, KOKOFreakbean

One of Two Pocket Sharks. Ever.

Pocket Shark
Only two have ever been seen. This is super cool. We know nothing about our world.

Rules of the Road(runner)

Chuck Jones' rules for the Road Runner and Coyote

Chuck Jones’ rules for the Road Runner and Coyote

Great little piece about creating a firm foundation that is also open to growth HERE.

Via @AmosPosner

The Future of the News Business: Marc Andreessen

I don’t agree with all of this, but there’s a lot to think about. A couple statements made the gears in my head grind in a different way, which is a good thing.

Read it HERE.